I trained at the ‘Birmingham School of Speech and Drama’ and have worked as an Actor and Singer for over 15 years. I feel blessed to have earnt a living through my performing career and hope to be able to continue to do so.  After having a baby girl and a wonderful maternity break I started ‘TheLineRunner’, the next exciting adventure.

The LineRunner Concept

If you have an audition, casting or a job and need help running your lines, we can help. We can run lines either in person or on Skype so you can be confident that you are fully prepared for your role.

Why use a Linerunner?

I have always had to work hard to learn lines, using all the usual techniques. I especially like to record lines on a dictaphone and leave a gap for me to slot in my own. This helps a lot but nothing compares with being able to run the lines with another actor. This often is not possible and it can be very difficult getting friends or family to continually go over your script. I want to know my lines inside out so I can perform my best, especially when working in film or going for a casting where there is little or no rehearsal time.
TheLineRunner.com is for people like me.


  • All LineRunners are Professional Actors with a strong acting CV and who are confident sight readers.
  • LineRunners will let you lead the session and will offer suggestions if you are having difficulties. However this is not a coaching service.

How It Works

  • Choose which service you want on the Bookings Page and fill out the form
  • You must have access to Skype unless meeting In Person.
  • Finally after your session has been confirmed by email, pay in advance using PayPal, your Credit/Debit card via PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • You will need to email TheLineRunner.com your script (pdf) at least 30 mins before your session starts.

*Please note all time slots are based on the current U.K. zone.



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